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Fortune's Top 10?

Did you know that a product got nominated, as one of Fortune's top 10 Product of the Year, months before it physically stepped into the market*?

There was a secret to this products nomination. Applying the same secret could revolutionize your business overnight. Yes, just like that!

The product was Gillette Sensor. Gillette put their product news in front of millions of consumers, thousands of journalists, and hundreds of distribution channels. This process was done strategically and with great detail. This made them:

  • achieve the recognition that they desired and deserved
  • get journalists to write and promote the product with maximum exposure
  • generate investors interest as the news releases were picked up
  • create an exceptional visibility

PressEdge's Press Release Submissiom System can also help you Make The Difference!

*source: Seltzer

Ted Nicholas said:

"If the wire services, such as Associated Press, pick up the story, sales can be phenomenal. You can be featured in hundreds of newspapers overnight. Radio and TV can also help move a lot of product. But print (and web)media pickup is usually best because it lasts longer than any other form." Ted Nicholas

Which means you can get your product before millions around the world without spending a fortune. That was the secret. Be sure, you want to use this secret.

PressEdge's XTS

Creating a successful global press release and news distribution is a complex endeavor best left for professional distributors until now. You can be as strategic as Gillette with a very good press software.

Creating a press release is like a work of art that requires inspiration for its development. Once developed, it needs the right exposure to well targeted media contacts to gain value. To do that you want PressEdge XTS.

Creating visibility with the media for your press release and news distribution services for small business marketing, corporate public relations and investor relations, government and organizational communications, is an essential element of landing the major publicity placements of your dreams. PressEdge XTS is the #1 secret resource to grabbing international awareness FAST!

A Few Words About Your Company Can Become A Huge Traffic to Your Website!

Our press release optimization and submission service is designed to take advantage of the visibility of your press release in the news search engines, media databases and with reputable journalists. Ensuring that your press release is keyword searchable for the best search terms in your niche or industry is vital to its success.

Depending on your chosen package, we analyse your submitted release and optimize it with specific keyword search terms that increase your chances of being noticed; this boosts your online visibility, and also promoting a strong network distribution and technological enhancements. Altogether, your release gets high quality and high profile.

Quality press releases that are distributed according to industry guidelines get results. Period. Press attention attracts traffic, traffic translates into orders, and orders mount into increased profit for your business! Just being exposed to a massive audience automatically increases your traffic, which ultimately makes you more likely to succeed.

PressEdge's XTS is an excellent Internet-based mass media release distribution service, which provides small organization level news release distribution services starting at less than ten dollars.

This new service with low entry pricing provides a fantastic deal of coverage including pick up from the monolithic Google News as it uses all the modern technology the Internet provides today.

"Few Words for Huge Traffic!"

Using PressEdge Press Release System can be significantly beneficial:

  • Quick Public Awareness
  • Boosts your sites Ranking in Search Engines.
  • Drives targeted traffic to your website.
  • Increases one-way valid backlinks to your website.
  • Increases your product sales.
  • Helps to get your pages crawled easily by major search engines.
  • Ultimately, a press release will increase your link popularity, traffic and sales!

Press release writing and distribution in over 230 countries worldwide Over 50 freelance writers, many of whom are ex-journalists themselves.

Probably the worlds largest database of media contacts at our disposal. In the UK alone we have over 150,000 media contacts. Contacts cover every newspaper, magazine, Internet, radio and TV media outlet as well as all key freelance journalists, many of whom regularly contribute articles to the major newspapers and magazines.

What are the advantages of Press Releases?

  • It Drives Targeted Traffic to your Website.
  • It Boosts your sites Google Page Rank.
  • It Increases one way valid Backlinks to your website.
  • It Increases your Product Sales.
  • It helps to get your pages crawl easily by major search engines.

Press Release is a complete website promoting service. It increases your Link Popularity with Traffic and Sales.

With more media contacts than any other press release service. FREE inclusion of logo, images, web links, audio and video links within your release.

Proven track record Many happy clients.

Submit Your Press/News Release, Story or Article Now!

If you are determined about your business' success you simply cannot overlook the value that press releases bring. Maybe you are announcing a new product or service or a company milestone or new appointment press releases are the most cost effective way to get and maintain your company in the news and fresh on your current and prospects mind.

Internet press release distribution services like PressEdge add another dimension to press releases issued through an Internet based service like PressEdge's Xtra Touch System (XTS), which are likely to get picked up by the main stream media and at the same time the numerous internet postings create increased links back to your company website or product page, meaning that it can even raise your standing on major search engines.

PressEdge distributes press releases at minimal costs through following means - Immediate Onsite Distribution:
* Most popular news.
* Latest news.
* Archive.
* News search.
* Print, PDF, XML, HTML, Text.

Immediate Outside Distribution:
* 40,000 RSS feeds, javascript feeds & html feeds on 3rd party websites.
* Social Media, Google Web Gadget

Direct Daily Distribution:
* Opt-in daily mailing lists.

News/Search Engine Distribution:
* Google News*
* Google Search
* Yahoo Search
* Bing Search
* AOL Search
* AltaVista Search
* AllTheWeb Search
* Netscape Search
* Ask Search
* Lycos Search
* Gigablast Search
* & many many more.

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